Alabama Medicaid Releases COVID Unwinding Public Service Announcement (PSA) Video

The Alabama Medicaid Agency has published a PSA video to encourage Medicaid recipients to complete their eligibility renewal forms when their notices come in the mail. Medicaid providers and partners are encouraged to share this video in public locations and on websites.

Alabama Medicaid serves the most vulnerable population in our state, and it is vital that Medicaid recipients understand the importance of renewing their coverage by completing their paper form or by filling it out online.

Medicaid recipients are encouraged to fill out the form even if they think they may not be eligible any longer because they may qualify for other healthcare benefits.

If someone loses their coverage because they didn’t renew, they can reapply within 90 days to have coverage reinstated if they are still eligible.

Recipients should check their mail regularly for important notices from Alabama Medicaid. Contact information must be up to date with the Agency to receive the notices! Recipients may visit to learn how to make address updates.

Alabama Medicaid has taken extraordinary efforts to notify recipients when it is time to renew. Renewal notices are sent through regular mail, and the Agency is contacting recipients by email, text message, and phone when it is time to renew (if they have provided that contact information to the Agency). Several outreach resources are available for Medicaid partners to make it simple to share the key messaging.

Please share the following key messaging from Alabama Medicaid:

Alabama Medicaid regularly updates information for recipients on the COVID-19 Information webpage.

Medicaid recipients who have questions should call Medicaid’s Recipient Call Center at (800) 362-1504 or visit a Medicaid office in their area.

Providers may contact the Provider Assistance Center at (800) 688-7989. Media requests may be emailed to [email protected].